31 Jan

Adjoint in Willis Towers Watson's Quarterly InsurTech Briefing

Adjoint was featured in Willis Towers Watson's Quarterly InsurTech Briefing as a company that has "radically improved the data sharing between all stakeholders in the captive insurance system."

"Adjoint is an insurance technology start up that shows great promise to redefine and optimise the insurance value chain. Their specific focus on cash management and proven use cases is highly relevant and beneficial to multinational corporates to speed up collection of premiums from local operations via brokers and insurance partners to their captive insurance entities. The result is a direct improvement in working capital and better cash flow management. The technology not only improves speed but also improves the accuracy of data transfer."
-Stuart King, advanced risk finance professional and CEO & founder of Babel Cover."

"Adjoint is developing solutions that are in essence already changing the way insurance companies operate. We anticipate their solutions gaining substantial traction with our clients, large and medium sized. Their solutions Not only have they identified a need in the market, but they have successfully created tangible operational savings for all stakeholders in the value chain. Their solutions are forward looking and scalable – making them nimble so that they can continue to evolve and grow to meet the market need. Since the market has until now been unable to clearly define the need for these solutions clearly, we look to Adjoint to lead this space for a long time to come."
- Prabal Lakhanpal, VP & Senior Consulting, Spring Consulting Group

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