10 Sep

Mosaique and Adjoint Announce Partnership

Mosaique and Adjoint Announce Partnership: Mosaique Leverages Adjoint’s Uplink to Transform the Prime Brokerage Lifecycle

Mosaique, a Chicago-based FinTech offering multi-asset post-trade solutions, and Adjoint, a Boston headquartered distributed ledger technology firm, announce partnership to transform the manual, costly practices of the prime brokerage lifecycle.

The partnership between Mosaique and Adjoint illustrates the effect of collaboration and applying innovative digital technologies to the financial services industry. Currently, the prime brokerage lifecycle relies on slow and manual processes, multiple heterogeneous platforms and redundant datasets prone to inaccuracies.

Mosaique is an innovative technology solution provider for financial institutions that has launched a cloud-based platform that removes complex fees reconciliations and invoicing processes from the multi-asset brokerage ecosystem. Partner, Adjoint, implements its innovative distributed ledger technology across financial service departments promoting data privacy, transparency and efficiency.

Adjoint Uplink distributed ledger technology has been used by Mosaique for over a year to integrate smart contract components with the prime brokerage lifecycle. Asset managers, introducing brokers and prime brokers use Mosaique’s platform to seamlessly link legal agreements with relevant referential data and post-trade events. This provides them with access to a real-time and fully reconciled view of their brokerage fees on a singular platform.

“We are thrilled to be developing the core distributed ledger infrastructure for Mosaique and collaborating with the talented team. Together, our goal is to ensure our customers achieve multi-party efficiency through transparency and automation, all while preserving confidence in data privacy.” ––Havell Rodrigues, CEO and Co-Founder of Adjoint (

“Adjoint’s technology is both extremely robust and technically well designed, making it a preferred choice for addressing complex enterprise and regulatory requirements of the financial services industry. We look forward to continuing this key partnership while we launch our platform and grow.” ––Mehdi Zhiri, Founder and CEO of Mosaique (