Uplink: The distributed ledger for finance

Adjoint delivers enterprise applications for both finance professionals and technical adminstrators. We continually push the envelope to achieve excellence in security and privacy. Our technology is designed to support your ever-changing business needs.

Distributed Ledger Technology

A distributed ledger is a special type of database technology for processing transactions and storing data in a simple, secure way. Our applications, built on Uplink, promote transparency through the sharing of real-time data.

Automate processes with granular permissions and defined outcomes

Financial Core Language (FCL)

FCL, Adjoint's workflow language, was designed with the priciple of safety first. By modeling an end-to-end process associated with a real world financial transaction or agreement, users gain efficiency and control around business process. Reduce manual process and optimize your team through the use of FCL workflows.

An Introduction to Uplink

Learn about the basics of Uplink. This is written for business users.

Technical Documentation
Deeper topics

Learn advanced knowledge about Uplink. Written for technical users.


Releases and source code here.